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      Hi everybody. It’s been 2 weeks now since i stopped gambling (for good) and it’s all going well. The self exclusions have prevented me from falling back into the trap and i’ve set up a refinance loan to clear my credit card and overdraft debts. I’ve also axed my credit limit to a fraction of what it was and removed the overdraft facility from my account entirely. I am going to set up a savings account this week to productively save the money that i would have otherwise gambled.
      I feel great at the moment. I still have the ‘itch’, but i can’t do anything about that now 🙂 So every night i go to bed happy in the knowledge that i haven’t gambled and that i am not living a double life anymore. I still haven’t come clean to my hubby about the whole thing, but i definatley will as soon as he finishes his exams.
      I hope that everyone here can find the same peace that i am currently feeling. It is the best thing i have done for myself and my family and i know that things can only get better!
       Everyday in everyway, I am getting better 🙂

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