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      Finally after a tumultuous few years of my life last year I met the man of my dreams. Everything was wonderful, he was a hard worker, caring, affectionate and became my best friend. About 8 months into our relationship we bought a home together. I never worried that we would have trouble paying our bills. Within the past 2 months he has started playing slot machines. At first it was 20 dollars, then 40, now he can spend up to 1000 a night.. I have been putting money away in a savings account so we can go on a holiday and to contribute to my retirement, so I have gambled a bit with him but cannot afford to lose that kind of money. Tonight we went to the casino and I thought I would go to make him happy. He gave me 20 dollars and I put it in a machine and won 1800 Canadian. I asked if we were splitting it 50/50 as that was our rule if we borrowed each others money. He flipped out..calling me a  greedy little b**, drove erratically on the way home almost killing me, then chucked the 1808 in 100$ bills in my face as I went to get out of the truck telling me to just take it all…how selfish i was etc. etc. Now I am feeling really bad like I did something wrong by asking if we were splitting the money. I am very scared because now I am in a house with this person, but his behaviour since he started gambling has got much worse. I am scared to lose my house or lose a lot of money on it since we just bought in 2012 as first time home buyers. I told him I was getting scared he was addicted and tonight his outburst made me even more scared. Perhaps I am to blame because i shouldnt have gone to the casino with him.. He used to drink and I used to drink with him because i wanted him to have fun and then I quit as i realized it was bad for my health. Im 25 and work taking care of the elderly which is an enjoyable but hard job ….i finally got my first home and now im scared i’m going to lose everything. Just thought i’d put my story out there and ask for some advice, it helps me to read all of your stories and see what everyone else has gone through. I really wish we had never started going to the casino because it is ruining everything we had 🙁

      Thanks for listening
      LindsayGod only gives us what we can handle.

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