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      yeah went to bed at 3am -but sleep your kidding-what with tossing and turning in bed wont have the sweats or nightmares-you need to fall asleep for that.but with my days takings and a grand from my business plastic card lost along with my shirt and short and curlys totally $1800 i up again writing my memoirs at 4.30 am–just in case that oven of mine  i can electocute myself as it not gas –or at least throw the toaster in the bath with myself–but i would not do that–my pet rock would miss me too much.;but you might say it could be worse.
      well you right  there–i gave my missus my visa card for safe keeping–as i cant trust myself with two cards–that two grand potential loser .
      yeah you guessed it she a shopaholic–i only a gamblerholic
      but i wish i had a budgie or cockatoo or galah instead of my pet rock–because i would have eaten him by now as nothing in fridge and my stomach is gurgling and at the other end -diarohea–very common when we gamblers lose big and **** ourselves–or poop if censored.
      which reminds me of my mate fred–he big on gambling and diarohea too.
      so he goes to doc
      doc says"how long you have the ****s"_diarohea to you ignorant who cant speak australian
      fred says "dont know"
      doc says "well-a day-a week -amonth ?"
      fred "dont know"
      doc most annoyed says"well when did you first notice you had the ****s"poops
      fred relieved and wth big smile"that easy to remember doc–when i took my bicycle clips off bottom trousers"
      now the lesson is if you not gamble-you want have diarohea–but if you do –you need a course of my dibs and dabs"
      now i got thast off my chest-i going back to bed-it 5am here melbourne-take care–i certainly will-when i wakeup–i got to pick a pocket or two like oliver and shylock-to make up for yesterday.get a life-or get stuffed well and truly by a poker machine

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