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      hi -well i wont be going to grand prix-i watch on tv-after i work today on sunday as i did saturday to support the habit of losing.but i went 60 days being in china with no poker machines-but on return australia they there to welcome back to the losers pavillion. i made up for lost time and money real fast-won a jackpot and could not give it back quickly enough  matching it with my money..but the most addictive of all are government–they want we losers  for revenue–they on a certainty–as winners. as are councils with parking ==and speed cameras.-with me watching my speed 3kmp over limit a loser for mobile phone-well a cig in mouth-and mobile phone in hand–and a drink in other-one can drive quite effectively with your knees on wheel.a real loser.
      so if you a petrol head attending this years grand prix held today in melbourne australia and you gamble-smoke-booze-own a car-i have three-you run this country with your gamble on booze cigs your health and gambling with only government the only winner. and you vote for these parasites in our democracy.australia.
      now i no communist–but china has its good points–no poker machines–no bible bashers banging on my door today sunday as usa evangelists telling me i should not send my money any more to vatican but to usa–and the world is about to end–well it will be if i continue to gamble–but one of these guys is eventually going to get that date for end of world right–but we wont be around to congratulate him on this latest revised bible date prophecy–that i am sure–but i ok-my assets halved -my roof over head–i now rent–my cars i cant afford to update–and couple more points lost on licence-and i be riding bicycle in china–if not in rickshaw–but it now only 36 hours since i gambled–i back on track–one day at a time as they say-i be at gamblers anonymous to nite–but it 4am-i going back to bed–alone-no cold bum and hot tongue to greet me–but that better than being a gamblerholic.the battle continues
       get a life-or get stuffed well and truly by a poker machine

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