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      hi everyone basically my life has been ruined by gambling. Im 25 years old no money and have spent the time since leaving school droping out of various courses and not being to able to hold down a job. I have stolen from my family pretty much sold everything ive ever owned. The habit of my life has basically been have a bit of money gamble it all away feel sorry for myself promise i will never do it again then the next week or a short time after be right back at it again. I have only been able to not gamble for three weeks at the most over these eight years and in between times its been saving just to go and blow it all in one day. Even after all of this all i think about is gambling the high it brings me can be replased by nothing else. I have major depression and no medicane has been able to help me. Most of the time i feel down or flat i feel happy very little and gambling and drinking gives me a huge lift and a massive surge of good feelings. This time i have confided a bit in my mum i have given her my bank cards and she will control all access to my money. But i still feel so very much burried under ground and there is no light on the horizan. I have taken the step of surrending access to finance but ive been lower than low so many times and have gone right back to gambling. I can no longer live like this. This time has to be different but i dont know how

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