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    A ‘good day’ and a ‘perfect day’
    I get up in the morning – and openly say
    I do not want to gamble – at all today
    Sometimes for me – the day goes okay
    And it ends up being – a really good day
    But today – my day seemed really sh**t
    I felt I couldn’t cope – with things one bit
    I started to think – I really want to quit
    But without gambling – could I handle it?
    I sat and dealt – with the feelings instead
    I tried to get the day’s c**p – out of my head
    I sat and thought about – what had been said
    And I settled my mind – before going to bed
    At the end of this c**p day – I am still gamble free
    A great achievement – which I feel is meant to be
    I coped with life’s sh**e – which was great to see
    Today wasn’t just a ‘good day’ – but a ‘perfect one’ for me
    Michelle (2012)
    — 16/08/2012 15:56:59: post edited by janey.

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