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    I had a birthday, a birthday song.
    Another year has come and gone,
    In the last year, too many times
    I sung the same old song.
    My life had been oh so very wrong,
    Abusing and losing, in no way amusing.
    Twas time to learn a brand new tune
    I couldn’t continue to live my life as a loon
    It never came too soon,
    I will never be a rich tycoon.

    I had started so many times before
    Yet still remained a prisoner in this war
    There never seemed to be an escape
    Until the day I realised the need to reshape
    Stop mimicking the same old tape
    My way has been akin to an old ape.
    I wasn’t sure of the words
    But I actually started to hear the birds
    It became quite absurd
    When I looked at life and how much I missed
    I reminisced and felt quite a tryst!
    But past is past, my new song
    Has to be my last, no ship can sail
    Without a mast
    And so the new song begun
    Endlessly playing just like the sun.


    Happy Birthday Liberty 🙂


    Very Kind of you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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