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      Don’t know where to start. The beginning was over 20 years ago. Too long to go over . I’m addicted to the pokies. I’m back here again to make a commitment to myself to try and stop. Try to get my life back. Tomorrow will be my first gamble free day. Wish me luck.

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      Hi Yvette, Welcome back. I think starting with a commitment to yourself is a good place to start. I do wish you the best of luck tomorrow and wish you the best in all your tomorrows to come!

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      Hi and thanks for your welcome icandothis. I had a good day today. I was with 2 of my grandchildren for most of the day so gambling was not an option. I don’t think tomorrow will be a problem either. I’m taking it one day at a time.

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      Another good day. Busy Christmas shopping. No urges.

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      I don’t think this site is as caring as it use to be

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      A lot of slip ups alright, Yvette.
      I wonder what we could do rectify that?
      In my case, not much tonight.
      its 3am here.
      Lets make a point of raising it in the Groups.
      Don’t give up. Hang around .We can make improvements one day at a time
      Slan for now
      Keep coming back

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      Hello Yvette. First of all my apologies, you didn’t receive our usual welcome post. I can only put that down to an oversight, no excuse.

      Well done on looking for help, I hope you had a good Christmas.

      When you were here before what things helped? What barriers did you put in place and can again? What other support can you use?

      Read the other stories here, you will see the sort of things that are helping others, which of those can you apply to your own situation?

      Keep posting and check out the group schedule, hopefully I will meet you in a group here soon.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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