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    When everywhere the talk is of horses & gambling. Always a tough week for those we love & want to protect, please find strength to talk about the Wong side of “Cheltenham” the side that changes your mood & makes you a person unlike able & worse unknowingly recogniseable.Talk……. To someone… & don’t keep it hidden 🙁


    Hi Redare
    Yes it will be a tough week for many this week. The amount of advertising about it is sickening. Unfortunately though gambling is ever present. The worse thing is the poorer the area the more bookies there are, it really does seem to prey on the desperate or those already in a downward spiral due to addiction. All we can do as friends and family is be mindful and have our eyes open but keep on nurturing and caring for ourselves so we remain strong and don’t let the addiction drag us down too. Take care Lily x


    I couldnt even get through the barriers at London Paddington yesterday without getting sucked in by their advertising. I hate it.

    Watching the football…get a £20 free bet for Cheltenham, when you bet in play on this match now. (that wasnt even at half time, it was on the hoarding).

    My CG comes from a poor area, linked to horse racing, literally every conversation I have had with someone from there, Cheltenham has been mentioned.

    Adverts for smoking were banned many moons ago, there are no where near the number of adverts for alcohol but gambling is just everywhere!

    It must be so tough for those trying not to gamble at the minute, it is hard to get it out of your mind enough without it being shoved in your face.

    Everytime i see something from Cheltenham, my heart just sinks. For others, i can only imagine it is like continuous itches they cant scratch.

    I know I have lost my CG to Cheltenham this week… I’m sure I’ll have to assess the damage at the weekend…

    And the brilliance of Gold Cup and Paddy’s Day on Friday…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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