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      Hello, im curious so will put forward what is on my mind.Its no secret across any gambling help sites that gamcare is about controlling gambling. The logic says it all its put in nearly gambling establishment in the uk, and they wouldnt have it there if they were about stopping.(Not good buisness sence) So we u.k residents can no longer use GT and have been remitted to gamcare, here lies a dilema of whats on my mind. The Recovering Compulsive Gamblers on team GT (you know who you are) Well you know where the pain of gambling like us all can take us, and you also know that to controll gambling for a compulsive gambler is impossible.So to the point and to be blunt this is on my mind….If u agree with what has happened, then every group session i have ever been in with a cg as a facilitator has been masked by dictation from a higher power within GT. HOWEVER……If we do not agree im sure being good honest caring folk you all are will have no hesitation of giving up your posts at GT and putting PRINCIBLES and MORALS before anything else. I understand that the choice was made out of your hands and were tied and your thoughs didnt count. But like all CG in recovery we have a choice now.I personally do not think with this post i am moaning or being over extravigent, But do beleive that though maybe not presented well with the right words and sayings ect i do have a point. This is my last post in GT( Hears sighs of releif) This would be probably surpriseing to some of you like to take a momemt to thank the team, though not always listen to what you say, and often argue agaist it (as im always right) You were always there if i had a problem….So Thankyou.

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