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    For a while I felt that I was like – a captured bird
    Which to others – this may sound totally absurd
    I felt that I was captured – in a horrible cage
    Stuck in a permanent gambling – addictive stage
    A stage of my life – where I continued to bet
    Having the addiction – caused me so much regret
    Cos of the addiction – I was unable to freely fly
    Getting out of the cage – I often really did try
    The cage that I was in – was so feking strong
    The addiction cage had a terrible hold – and was wrong
    On my own I didn’t have the ability – to get free
    Of the addiction that was hurting others – and me
    I felt that being in there – was driving me mad
    I’ve felt so bothered, trapped – and very sad
    The cage to me was like a terrible – outer shell
    That was causing my life to be like – pure hell
    I felt at times I couldn’t control – my inner rage
    And I started to thump and batter away – at the cage
    I realized then that I had damaged – both my wings
    And I had to sit in there – and think about things
    My wings felt like they had been – tied together
    And I had to try and untie them – to get better
    I felt that I wasn’t able to do this – on my own
    And inside I felt very fearful – caged in and alone
    But then I found GA and other gamblers – were there
    Outside my cage I felt they understood – and did care
    With their help my honest words – were truly spoken
    And with knowledge / strength the cage – maybe broken
    Gradually over time I started to use – my so-called beak
    As I sat and talked to them – at meetings each week
    I talked about my addiction – cos they were the same
    I needed to find freedom, support – and less inner pain
    With the flapping of wings – there was no pretending
    My wings could never be cured – but they were mending
    I knew that with help from others – I’d have the ability to fly
    The thought of this made me fearful – and I wanted to cry
    I was hoping that I would no longer – be a captivated bird
    But being a bird without the cage – was something I feared
    I felt very fearful of having no gambling – in my life
    Cos it was an escape that helped me – to cope with strife
    I heard people say – ‘you will never have perfect wings’
    But try and fly out of the cage – and see what freedom brings
    With a programe to follow I could be more – like a normal bird
    Being a normal bird, living a normal life – seemed so feking wierd
    I chipped away at the cage -and my gambling overcoat of shame
    I felt that I could no longer be there – I accepted the blame
    Eventually I gained the confidence – and hoped the cage would break
    The gambling addiction I needed to control – before it was too late
    I managed to learn to use the GA tools – that were given to me
    And using them helped me – out of the cage and to be gamble free
              Deep down I feel I am so grateful to other CG’s – and GA
    For helping me to really feel like I can live – a gamble free way
    I will always look back at the horrible cage – and time I spent there
    And hope my gambling addiction – will never again cause me despair
    Now I am gamble free and I follow the GA programme – ‘just for today’
    And I gaining serenity and peace of mind – in a very special way

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