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      Harry – I saw where you were going to look for some missing pieces of Larry’s thread, so I thought I would start this list for others who know they are missing parts of their threads.

      And I’d like to put my name on the list for when you all start looking:

      I’m missing posts from my thread “Hanging By a Thread” for the days between 8/15/13 and 9/2/13. No hurry … 🙂


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      Hi Adele, Moving threads from one forum to another is often technically difficult as different forums use different databases and coding its also time consuming and expensive. Whilst the forums are back there are 1000’s of entries that need to be recoded. Unfortunately this happens automatically at a rate of less that 50 an hour.. We’ve manually configured some threads but Im going to see how the automatic coding gets on before we attempt any-more manual retrieval. Unfortunately I couldn’t have fallen sick at a worse time but I’m back all be it only 75% of me seems to be functioning properly.

      I can only assure you we as a team are doing all we can to resolve and make this the best site ever… and it is looking fab don’t you agree

Viewing 1 reply thread
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