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           lvnlrn > Cheri here from Arizona USA born & raised.
           I remember when the casinos went up around here… never passed my mind to go.. then I went with a few friends… lost a bit of money in a machine…no rush of any kind, left and went home.  Then about 8 yrs ago i have a neighbor who asked me to go with her. So I went to a little casino  which dropped fake coin dollars out of the machine so you got the full cha-ching sound effects.. she gave me $5 and i put it into a dollar slot and won like $30… thought hey this is kinda cool… then i went around the corner and won $300. Well i asked her to take me home I was so excited to have won the money I wanted to get out of there. I went a few more times with her and the I decided to go on my own..(i didnt want her to "jones" me out of my money) and from there on it was a me & my habit. I learned along the way how to lie bs and cheat my way thru the gambling life and became indifferent to ppls feelings about my gambling or justify it because i had no life. Well it snowballed into lies & more lies… borrowing $$ from my aging parents & church to pay bills because I had gambled all of my bill money away.. Then in 2009 my parents reverse mortgaged their home to help us kids out with bills and i was to promise my father i would not go to casino… well i promised.."him" but not myself.. so i squandered more money…A few times i cried to family and told them i would stop… but after a certain amount of time i was back again gambling. when in the month of August this year I turned 50 and was hitting the casino really hard for some reason… and it didnt matter whether i won or not i would not leave till i was totally broke…..i took money my daughter gave me for bills and I blew it all… i was going to cover my ars once again with a car title loan when driving to the title loan ofc something told me "dont do this turn around and go back home’… "tell your family and stop this insanity".    So i opened up to my family and told them i needed help… they were upset of course and angry but forgiving just the same… my loving man asked me to look online for help and I found help for cg’s… that led me to ga and now i am living gamble free one day at a time.I have placed my higher power back into the position He held all along.. but i was too blinded & stupborn to see Him or hear Him.     Peace my brothers & sisters!!    Cherino other success can compensate for failure in the home

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