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      Hi All
      it been a long time must be twelve months!!!!!!!!!!!!
      the last post i did was about my father being ill last October 2009, unfortunately he passed away in May 2010.
      my life has been gamble free and my other half is such a different and supportive person, about time…
      hope it stays the same
      how are you guys, storm, velvet, loobyloo think about you all and hope all is ok with you all..
      i have had a rough time since may and i am in councilling at the moment myself…
      i feel my other half is also recovered well, well it has been twelve months to my knowledge but had no signs so it is positive about time you all thinking yes me too.
      i have been very low and not so good due to my loss but my councilling ends soon so i will probably go private after that as this has made me a little stronger and better.
      hope all stays well as i am trying to stay positive
      love to hear how you all are who knows me
      hear from you all soon

Viewing 0 reply threads
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