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      I have a friend who is having a hard time at the moment, nothing to do with gambling, she has personal problems, her dad died and she is having trouble sleeping.  She is using a memory jar and says it helps.  She has written down individual favourite memories and put them in a jar.  When she is feeling down or having trouble sleeping she pulls one out, it’s easier to get to sleep with a nice memory to take away the bad thoughts.

      I thought this was a great idea and then I thought it might help here.  My friend doesn’t read this forum and wouldn’t mind me sharing the idea.


      How about a “Reasons not to Gamble” jar?  We can all think of reasons not to gamble – write some of them down.  It’s probably better to think of the positive benefits that not gambling would give us rather than the pain that it causes.  Any time you get an urge or are struggling, pull one out.  Still getting urges?  Pull out another one!


      Anyway, I’d never heard of a “memory jar” before and thought I’d share the idea.  Maybe give it a try..

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      Hi charles. I like the Idea. It is true that bad memories, negative thought usually are the triggers for addictive behaviors. Finding good memories to think about just before going to sleep, reassures that your brain is calm and ready to relax.
      Thanks charles.

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