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      Hi there,i am gal,age 51,been gambling for over 40 years,been to G A twice without success.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!Lost me money lost me partner,lost me life.Cant afford to loose the kids,more than i could bear.The best of it is,i have always been a crap gambler,ha ha,that took some saying,over the years i have studied,sort advice,paid or unpaid,but no matter how much i won,because of my addictive behaviour,I WAS ALWAYS GONNA LOSE.KIDDED MYSELF,THAT I COULD BEAT THE BASTARDS.!I went bankrupt several years ago,through ill health,brought on partly by gambling.Thankfully my health is fine now,apart from this numbing feeling,throught loseing loads of dosh,and wondering how i am gonna pay the tax manon 31st jan.Still every jorney starts with a step.gallet it be

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