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      Hi-Just so numb from losing my life savings . Gambling has made me ugly . Gambling is a curse . Why can I not stop gambling . I am intelligent have so much to give to life yet all I think about is when and where  am  I going to gamble next . I switch on the TV all I see in the adverts  gambling gambling gambling its in your face. Years ago if I won £5 on a line at my bingo hall that would of thrilled me. Now if I lose £5000 I do not flinch ,also when now wen I win high amounts I feel nothing but how am  going to use it to gamble again . I hardly ever spent anything from my winnings it all went back into y gambling kitty. In the bookies on those roulette wheels I use o beome aggresive and assertive when men stood behind me and watched me gamble as there is no privacy on those rpoulette machines in the bookies . No one ever come to my aid to stop me even though it was obvious I had a serious addiction . I hate those bookies those machines are evil. Internet gambling is even worse for me I lse heaps more than in the bookies . Believe me I use to put £100 spins on get through £££££ss I go to the counter say put £1000 on my card on machine number whatever never load it up with money myself . Hence why I gambled high odds then when I had lost that I would o bavck to the counter and put another grand on a another machine and so forth sometimes spending 6 hours plus in there .

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