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      hi, ive always enjoyed playing the slots but lately don’t seem to be getting much luck and it makes you think about it. it’s like earlier I was playing a game and the free spins finally came in but it only gave me £2 and I remember walking away very disappointed and I couldn’t understand why such a poor win like that. you get alot of those ‘sweepers’ who are watching and jump in for easy wins, luckily I don’t feel like returning any time soon lol has anyone managed to give up slots? I find it can play on your mind it’s like mind control all those images, lights and sounds and it triggers a draw you in reaction.

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      Hello  and thanks for starting a thread in the Gambling Therapy forums

      Here at Gambling Therapy we pride ourselves on being a caring and diverse online community who can help and support you with the difficulties you’re currently facing.  We understand that this might be a tough time for you, particularly if you’re new to recovery, so come here as often as you need to and participate in the forums, access online groups and connect to the live advice helpline if you need one to one support.  We’re in this together!

      Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and accepting environment.  The beauty of writing it all down is that you can take your time and you will be creating a record of your progress that you can look back on if it ever feels like you’re not moving forward.  So, share as much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this forum so people know where to find you if they want to be updated on your progress or share something with you.

      As well as the forums New Members are invited to join Charles in the New Members Practical Advice Group On Mondays at 21:00 (UK) and Thursday at 19:00(UK)

      And on that note….

      I’m going to hand you over to our community because I’m sure they will have some words of wisdom for you 🙂

      Take care

      The Gambling Therapy Team

      PS: Let me just remind you to take a look at our privacy policy and  terms and conditions so you know how it all works!    

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      Hi, trailrunner. Yes it is possible to quit the crack cocaine of the gambling world. Firstly you have to really want to and that normally means hitting rock bottom as this addiction is progressive taking people to suicide, prison or insanity. So do you really want to stop trailrunner? If you do, go get help from GA, who are excellent at support, and cut off your access to money and the casinos. Sounds like you gamble in casinos trailrunner? Self exclude. I hit rock bottom playing slots for five and a half years. I a. On day 42, and attend GA. Has. Y situation improved in that time. Sorry to say it hasn’t but I know that overtime it will. It takes time to regain what the addiction has taken away from us and that is mostly our self. They say it takes 30 days to rewire the brain from a slot addiction. My experience is there is an element of truth in that. In the first few weeks of abstinence my brain did not function as it usually does with depression, tiredness and forgetfulness. That is gradually going. So it is a journey we go on to regain the parts of ourselves that have been lost to this ghastly addiction. What I do know trailrunner is that this addiction cannot be fought on our own. It really cannot so go get help and support to quit if that is really what you decide to do. This addiction has ways of keeping the hooks in and we have to break each and every one of them. Good luck.

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      it’s really just for fun sort of thing with an amount that I can afford to lose, it’s like I’m becoming very aware of what’s happening and it’s like I’m naturally sort of cutting back if you like. I gave up scratch cards about a month ago so I like to think I have the mental strength to do it. I’ve read alot of the stories on here of how gambling has caused serious problems, luckily it’s not been that bad for me and that I am aware, I think eventually I will just stop but over time yeah like your road your journey style.

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      it’s a gamblign addiction, you gave up the scratch cards and now the slots has become a problem – the addiction doesnt mind how it gets it’s fix.

      If you even felt the need to find and post on a site like this one then you might now be kidding yourself if you think it’s a “just for fun sort of thing.”

      If it’s not that bad for you great, but if you carry on gambling then the word missing from that sentence might be YET.

      I hope you make the decision to stop now, keep posting and use the support availableto you to do so.

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      hey thanks for that. it’s mad isn’t it, it’s like where we are here chatting away about gambling then over at facebook your mate is posting that he just won 350 pounds. that’s the trouble alot of my family and friends are gamblers and growing up has always had that gambling there. they don’t always win though. one thing I probably will miss is the chats with the arcade workers and where they are friendly and offer you free cup of coffee while playing the slots.

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      Hi trailrunner – we all know those cups of tea are the most expensive money can buy – I met someone who had trained to work in a casino. He said that in their training they were told hat their job is to make sure everyone goes home with their pay check left at the casino – think about it – how many of those workers want to meet you for a cup of tea outside the casino ?
      It is hard when many family members gamble – I am in the Same situation. They would feel it was a waste of a night to go to a movie or for a meal – and yes they boast about their winnings too,. It is hard as you have to find a whole
      New way of living and socialising but I think as you have joined here that is something you want to do .
      I hope you find nice things to replace those chats with the arcade workers .you deserve to have your money to spend on you .

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      thanks for the advice there. I avoided the slots tonight at our local social club. I kept looking at the slots but thought nope I will not accept it lol its wether I can keep this up now. I do feel these slots have been cleverly designed by psychologicalists or someone like that, although it’s addictive it’s almost like a mental trap. I was watching a few youtube videos earlier and to see the stories it really inspires me to quit altogether.

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      so far 4 days slot free, I can feel the urge though. I used to love going in after work on a friday and have a cheeky gamble and a cofree. I think I’ve got this, it seems mind over matter. I have heard of people quiting but only to start again, hopefully that won’t happen.

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      Well done trailrunner – first days are the hardest – some people do relapse but then again others never do . Day four for me too so we can ***** our days together .

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      Glad to see you here..

      Gambling addiction is progressive so the more you go the worse it gets. What you lose now is nothing compared to what you end up losing if it continues. Its amazingly sneaky and cunning and its our own brains tricking themselves into any excuse or reason as to why we should go to get that next fix..
      You saying you would love going for a cheeky gamble and a coffee… i would have to ask you to question is that how it felt when you left broke.. the addiction will often make gambling seem glamorous, and somehow the brain wants to remember the fun of it, where was the fun really though when walking out the door with no money and loss of time and self esteem etc…
      Lots of places to go for a nice coffee and i guarantee there are nicer coffees out there hehe.

      All the best and keep going on your gamble free time.. avoid places that have gambling and maybe venture out to find some new spots to go. The world is your oyster.. outside of gambling places..


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      I know what you mean about family and friends also gambling – that’s a big one for me, I was basically raised gambling. We bonded that way and the casino would always be a fun place to go and spend time together (and lose money also unfortunately)

      Cheers on taking action to stop, it’s so glorious as the gambling bug fades over time, when you can look at an ad for a casino, and instead of feeling like gambling, you feel relief that you’re not involved in that whole mess

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