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      third time lucky…
      Thanks for explaining how this site works Adele.
      I failed to send the post I wrote to you.
      Its not the site.
      Its me.
      I’m computer illiterate.
      Not technical.
      And VERY impatient when it comes to facing obstacles I cannot overcome instantly.
      To compound the issue, I’m gambling as if money is going out of fashion so can’t focus on anything that requires times, attention or concentration.
      I also got an e mail from you via GT.
      If this doesn’t work, I will just have to give up trying.
      It is driving me nuts!

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      it did work!!!
      Dont know how because I did everything the same on every other post but they disappeared

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      Hi Vera,

      I posted here earlier this evening – a nice long post – and now it’s gone. Before I try to reconstruct I’m going to wait and see if it shows back up in the morning. I saw a post do that last night!

      Vera, please try to be patient. I know this site means a lot to you and I’m sure you don’t realize just how much you would be missed if you stopped coming here.

      If you’d like, I can type up directions using print screens from the site and ask Harry to email them to you. Just let me know – I wouldn’t mind a bit!

      But please don’t let this get the best of you. I’ve been hoping and praying that the downtime, and now the glitches with our new site would not cause too much frustration for everyone – especially for those of you who might cope by gambling. We all know the GT Team would have wished for a more desirable outcome for all their efforts.

      Hopefully my other post will show back up soon. And I hope to see you posting successfully soon.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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