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      Hi all,
      I’m not sure how anyone else feels about this, but I have sought face to face help and I have read a few things on-line. But I always feel I would like to know more about the 3/ 5 or 10 top most helpful ways to distract you or help you recover from or recovering gamblers, most effective ways. I have heard that 1 method could be to try and do a good deed without telling anyone about it, things like that. I really want to kick my habit, those who are also suffering from this probably feel the despair that comes with it.
      Trying to find a way out.
      HThe cat returns

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      Originally posted by nintendo 64… the 3/ 5 or 10 top most helpful ways to distract you or help you recover … 
      Good evening Nintendo, welcome to GT, a place where you can find answers and help to many questions; maybe not the same question that you are asking here, but answers to help you make changes in your life so that you can just accept living in a different and more normal way without looking for replacements.
      My name is Larry and I am a compulsive gambler, my last bet was October 17, 2012, a dreadful binge that came about finding myself unguarded after over three years of being gambling free – three years of being able to "distract" myself form the urges and temptations of gambling. I have found that when we make changes in our lives and hold true to the desires to stop gambling, that the things that gambling took form us begin to return, we do not have to necessarily look for new thing to do, we gradually return doing what we did before crossing over the line.  Looking back that life may have seemed to be mundane, too challenging, or uneventful. Nevertheless it was a more normal way of living, and one where we had a better control and knowledge of our choices.
      Until the positive things that occupied our time in the past can once again take hold, or if they were only negative actions that do need to be replaced and we need to find new things, we need to force ourselves to do a variety of more positive things; one of the cliches of recovery is to "**** it until we make it". Those activities can range form simple to intense challenges to our self.  But other than searching for distractions, we can also just enjoy the life around us," take time to smell the roses" so to speak, renew the ***** we spent with friends and loved ones, or just do nothing.  
      Doing nothing is the hardest thing to do, but one of the most beneficial steps we can take, some call this time meditation, Zen, or just examining our lives in quite ways; we can just "be still and know". Another important thing that will help is to work on recovery, making amends for our wrong doings, setting up barrios to help when urges or temptations *****, and even to begin to help others, but without ignoring our own *****.  There is also attending meetings, look for a live support group in your area such as Gamblers Anonymous, and spend time with others, in addition to participating in the services provide here.  Do all you can to combat this disease while you are also not gambling for anything.
      Sorry to be vague about actual things to do, but you do need to find what fits into your live yourself; yet and above all, you also have to be open and willing to do things that you find in reading the post here, or the things that just come to mind. Being Honest, Open minded, and Willing is HOW recovery will work for you.
      God’s speed, use your Higher Power to guide and strengthen you.
       LarryThanks to my Higher Power, My 3G's – God, GA, and GT,  "Day Two Is Another Day Behind" and with the help from all I hope to continue to remain gambling free.

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      Hi Nintendo
      Thank you for posting on the Gambling Therapy forum. As you are a GB resident you are entitled to free online support through the Gamcare website at .
      You could also consider residential treatment which you can find out more about by following the below link:
      Can I suggest that you now copy and paste your post into one of the Gamcare forums where you will receive responses from others in a similar situation to you from all over Great Britain.
      You can also access online or face to face group support through Gamblers Anonymous:
      We wish you well in your recovery.
      Kind Regards
      The Gambling Therapy Team25 year poker player, 25 year Hierarchal fool, 25 year ego boost…  Intellectualisation was my down fall, simplicity was my salvation

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