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    I love my partner and we have been together for years. He is a compulsive gambler. I find myself angry and frustrated as nothing I seem to do helps. I handle finances currently, it is not the gambling that upsets me the most but more so the lies and secretiveness. Any friendly advice would be welcome to a newby needing support. Thanks


    Hi 123
    I am hoping to move your post into the F&F forum which is above this forum but I am afraid to say I have forgotten how to do it at the moment so I will reply to you here and get you moved later. In the meantime carry on writing here.
    What has your partner done so far towards controlling his addiction? Does he accept he has an addiction and does he want to control it?
    The addiction to gamble is not about money, it is purely about the gamble and it is that which causes the poor behaviour, lies and secrecy. Although it is important to recognise that you cannot save your partner, with knowledge of his addition you will be able to cope and hopefully make a difference.
    I have asked you a few questions to help me give you the individual support that you need – I will leave this first post here and await your reply.
    You have definitely come to the right place

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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