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      I haven’t posted for a while although I often take a peek at what is going on…. I felt I should just add a little note to say all is GREAT in life today … I felt I shouldn’t forget to say when things are going well rather than only focusing on the struggles we face in life everyday … so hoorah and best wishes to you all out there on this long long road

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      Hi AECJ
      Thank you for such an uplifting positive post, its lovely to hear that your moving on and enjoying life.
      Take care
       "Occasionally it’s wise to doubt our doubts, to question our questions, and to re-think our thoughts."

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      Originally posted by AECJ

      … I felt I should just add a little note to say all is GREAT in life today …
      Good morning Amie,
      I would like to add that all is GREAT in my life today also, a lot different then a year ago –  "the person I was then and the person I am now are two different people".
      I join you in saying "******".
      God’s speed. Stay strong. Keep recognizing the things tat are going well; enjoying the better gambling free life that recovery provides.
       Larry"Day Two Is Another Day Behind" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will continue to be  gambling free.

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      Hi Amie
      Great to see such a positive post, thank you it just re affirms for me that it can be done!! way to go
       P – Living and Learning

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      thanks to all and it is great to see more positiveness (not sure that that is a real word but hey nevermind!!)

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