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    May seem trivial but having quit online casinos for a while now, I have had a complete craze come over me to buy rolls of £10 scratch cards for the last couple of weeks.

    What a waste of effort.
    Saw my counsellor again and enough is enough with all of it.

    So it’s finally sinking in that chores around the home can improve endorphins whilst distracting myself from the incredibly destructive urge as we all know too well.

    As a perfectionist, I take that extra precision in hoovering, cleaning, cooking therefore enabling me to be proud and the feeling of achievement however small in other’s perception makes a real difference.

    I am one of the chosen ones i.e. On the waiting list hence my wanting to make steady progress before shock kicks in of travelling for assessment which I fear I will struggle…

    I feel excited that I have this opportunity finally but fearful of the outcome etc.

    Anyway that may be of use/help to someone else.



    I am waiting too and reading these messages gives me comfort that we are not alone, cos I do feel like that, very often….

    I’m excited too cos I only want to change and get rid of this demon once and for all….. fearful too , so you’re not alone….


    Thanks for the comment!
    Sounds good news that you’re waiting too.

    Yeah I have been feeling fearful of what to expect once I get there but my mind is much more at ease from reading more from people’s posts and from the admission’s handler.

    So all good so far 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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