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    The Gordon Moody Association has over 40 years experience in providing specialised support and treatment to acutely addicted gamblers. We offer specialist residential treatment from two treatment units, one in the West Midlands (Dudley) and the other on the Kent /London borders (Beckenham).

    We specialise in rehabilitating severely addicted gamblers through our residential treatment programme. This offers an intense level of support which works for some where other forms of intervention may not succeed. Our specialist approach and experience since 1971 has allowed us to develop treatment interventions that are purely gambling focused and address the extremes of the associated behaviours. We aim to rehabilitate the people who attend our residential programmes by helping them to adopt new coping skills and to enable them to integrate back into society, without the need to gamble.

    Both treatment units deliver a programme consisting of a two week assessment process and twelve weeks of treatment followed by a voluntary six week relapse prevention course.  If residents require support regarding reintegration into society or additional education this is delivered on a voluntary case by case basis.

    In addition to the standard treatment programme, the Beckenham site also utilise drama and art therapy.

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