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      After so many people telling me for so long i need help for my gambling – here i am.
      Having gambled for as long as i can remember, at least 20 years, more seriously in adulthood approx 15 years or so. I now need it to stop.
      I have gambled 10’s & 10’s of thousands of pounds. Lost my house, went bankrupt. This stopped me for a while, but slowly and surely i have gotten back into it and i have am accruing debt again.
      I’m not sure what the first steps are to stopping, but i hope registering on here is one of them.
      I have stories about gambling & the terrible amounts i have put on 1 horse/hand/dog/spin etc, but if i were to put them all on here then i’d not stop typing for about a week straight and would almost certainly develop repetative strain injury.
      I have a new(ish) partner and although they know about my addiction i don’t want it be something that is ‘just part of who i am’ we want to be married and start a family and this will never happen as long i’m gambling.
      I’ve never looked for help before – but i am now.
       It’d be lovely to get back on my feet, I have no memory of being vertical

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