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      no i have not gambled, in fact feeling really possitive recently..untill the chat session in GT, my opinion was not apparently appreciated, yet got a pm from the moderator of the room stateting ” im not a blah blah blah medical dr. ect ect ect”
      well kinda proves after i was removed from the room that only a CG can truley understnd this problem..isnt that right cathie ? No amount of txt books can understand what we as CG are going through, in fact im so sure i would gamble everything i own to say “THE MAGIC PILL DOES NOT EXCIST” if it did i wouldnt u wouldnt be here!
      im quite sure this post wont be posted but hey ho im a CG and our thoughts r not often appriciated cause we dont count….but hey, hang on, my thought does count im human,
      gd look all fellow CG, i hope this is posted
      love jay xx

Viewing 0 reply threads
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