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    Another shake, another roll

    Who will win the Super Bowl?


    Another race, another spin

    Taking losses on the chin


    Another table, another card

    Falling soft, falling hard


    Another lie, another loan

    Life is really not your own


    Another coin, another slot

    Giving them, all you’ve got


    Another course, another horse

    More lies, more loans and of course


    It goes on and on, on and on

    Till all money, pride and hope are gone


    What’s another bet? 

    Your current pain is nothing yet


    Another bet, carry on?

    Till home, friends, family all are gone?


    Just one way to stop the fall, stop the drop.

    Just one word, stop.


    you have got that one to a tee and so true – I acknowledge all of that – brilliant ending

    really enjoyed reading that again and again…


    The the fortitude we show in the face of adversity will carry us through

    We can quit. Or better yet we can CHANGE


    We can all change. Generally I’d say we need to quit first – can’t make many changes while still in action.
    Abstinence = quitting
    Recovery = quitting and then start working on making those changes.


    Speechless after reading this, very clever Charles. It was a pleasure reading this over and over!


    Thank you Taycuddle and welcome to the site. I hope you start your own thread in the My Journal Forum and then you can start getting the support you need and that will help you stop gambling.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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