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    Slowly her eyes gaze around the dim room
    Through slits she searches for the clock
    Time to rise, face another day of gloom ?
    Her cat lay snug beside her with outstretched legs
    So content and happy, giving acceptance,
    Love she longs for, from all her life’s dregs

    It is midday, she wonders is it time to get up
    But what to do and where to start ?
    So much noise in her head held in a cup
    Her world and finances strewn far apart

    Thoughts of hopelessness and despair
    Insurmountable debt and fears rife
    But lost without hope or any care
    She feels the pain of such a barren, wasted life
    From all the years of risk and unnecessary strife

    But God shows her there is still so much out there
    With plenty more happy years and life ahead
    For her best years are still to come with loads to share
    Because she is still beautiful, loving and well read
    And there is only one of her, she is so rare !


    A very uplifting poem. Full of promise and hope…and a great reminder that through God all things are possible. Thank you for sharing Lauren.


    Beauty from ashes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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