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      Another wipe out of all my money for two weeks, feeling awful , really believe that im not going to make it, very angry and unwell mentally, sick and tired of fighting this illness, im rather concerned now at what im going to do for a place to live, i struggling with anxiety and panic attacks last two days, was unable to meet my one to one worker at gordon moody as feel so awful, i need serious help quickly as my mental state is getting worse i write this as im getting more and more wound up, i want a life but cant seem to help myself, im gambling again after all the misery kits caused, been homless that night few months ago, but no still willing to play with the devil and lose everything, i feel lost and dont no whether i have it in me to keep fighting, it hurts more and more now, no food, nothing absolutly nothing.

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      God grant me the serenity just for today I have not gambled that’s good enough for me tomorrow is another day I want to remain clean from gambling now
      No regrets, past is the past, the future i can change.

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      Hi Fox, Well done for being at session today. As i said in session I would urge you to call the outreach worker at GH (Dave) I would also recommend you seek additional support from this site, others such as GA and even from your Doctor. Your DR may be able to refer you for counselling and you can talk with him about your mental state and well being.
      Its good to see you have started a thread and already have replies. Keep posting and coming to sessions, well done for reaching out for help. Cathie

Viewing 2 reply threads
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