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    Hi, my father was addicted to gambling. We lost a lot because of his addiction. Later we as per the advice of friends and relatives he got addiction treatment. The addiction treatment was really good. But another problem started after the addiction treatment; depression. His behavior has changed completely. He is always moody, lost interest in usual activities has no appetite and lost weight. He says his mind is filled with guilt and he is feeling that he is helpless.
    We already consulted our family doctor and tried many antidepressants. But nothing solved it. When we discussed this again with our doctor, he suggested a
    cognitive behavioral therapy center in Toronto. He said that cognitive behavioral therapy has a very good record in treating depression. When I searched on the web, found many CBT success stories. So I just wanna know more about CBT. Please share your experience if you have any.



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    Hi Reneetgraham, you may want to post this in “My Journal” many in there would have undertaken CBT



    Hi i have found CBT helpful for depression and stopping gambling. CBT gives you tools that you can use to challenge your negative depressive thoughts and stop what they call a vicious cycle it can also challenge gambling thoughts if they occur. I have found it very is very useful


    Hi Graham, I worked as a counselor and have some training in CBT amongst other things.

    I’m not sure what you need to know – have you a more specific question. As BEEM says CBT looks towards changing the thinking that you have which causes you to behave in the way you do. It may work well with guilt because it will try and unpack the thinking behind the guilt and see if that is “faulty.”

    A lot of the success of therapy is in the giving of a safe space and time for people to talk about what is going on for them – and often the label of the therapy is less important than the rapport between the counselor and client. I wish you well.


    Hi Reneetgraham
    CBT is an excellent way forward for many people.
    I think it would be a good idea if you approached the CBT centre in Toronto to see what they have to say about your father – better still, maybe, your father should make the approach.


    I am not a CG but my (ex) fiance is.
    I started CBT about a month ago to deal with the problem and I am liking it very much.
    I am currently working on how to break up for good with the least pain as possible and the psychologist is very empathetic and makes me reflect about many important things.
    I tried psychoanalysis for several years before but I didn’t find it very useful anymore, CBT is more focused on my current problem and I believe it can help gamblers.

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