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    Hi everyone I am new here, have been playing fobts 4 about 2 yrs and at a guess would say I have lost 30k, what a fool, decided to come clean last night after a bad session and people I told just can’t understand how you can get addicted to a machine, you win , you take it out and then go on the machine next door and put it and more back in, the thing is I regard myself as clever with numbers and always think I can beat it BUT as people on here know you can’t
    I have decided enough is enough I have hurt the people I luv the most and have lost my partner, my children and if I don’t stop today I will loose my mum ,, all because you think you can win a few quid,,
    Gotta get it all of my chest and take today as the first step,, any tips anyone as I need help
    MarketmanWake up b4 it's to late

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