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    I’m a compulsive casino gambler. On 30.07.2010 i set official restriction to myself in a goverment institution, so since that moment i was not able to gamble. I am not allowed to enter casino facility, and i can’t register to internet casinos also, the restriction works well. After 2 weeks my 3 year ban will end, and i can either extend the ban, or try to live without the ban.
    During 3 years some days i have had some gambling thoughts arising in brain. After every 4 month i somehow go to Youtube and look 5 minutes how someone has recorded with mobile phone casino slot machine win. Thenafter i 4 months don’t do it and brain is filled with everyday normal thoughts, like work, sport, human relations and such normal stuff, and no thoughts about gambling. But then after 4 months again one day at evening i go to Youtube and watch casino slot game for a while and feel well by watching, not anything really excitingly well, but feleing is good, feeling well seeing gambling stuff. So, my brain at the moment sometimes gives gambling thoughts, but guite rarely. Brain is almost clean.
    I think if i enter casino now, then my brain will get polluted. And i will start to see casino thought/pictures in brain, at day time, and at sleeping time, and i will start to have such thoughts very often, like once every weekend or something. That is too often to me, and i would be annoying. So i guess i better stay away from casino.
    But why not then put restriction immediately? Well i want to prove to my self, that i can live without childish restriction method.
    I will visit this blog here from time to time i guess, so i can give you my feedback and you can perhaps then collect my experience and leran from it or something.
    Anyway, i’m not sure how i will procede after 2 weeks, but i keep you updated here. And i wish to every gambler to try to keep the brain/thougths as clean as you can manage 🙂 My brain at the moment and last 3 years have been nicely quite clean.
    See you,
    30-jul-2010…30-jul-2013 as a non gmabler because of official restriction i put.– 14.07.2013 10:17:17: post edited by Avocado.

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