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    Hi folks. I have just been accepeted and given a date to go to beckenham house however i have a few questions

    1. What’s the place like?
    2. Do we have a tv in our own rooms.
    3 . Is the freezer big enough to bulk cook food and freeze whilst there as im on slimming world.
    4. It says bring sports kit. Are we allowed gym and swimming

    And any other usefull info would be much appriciated as i really dont know what to expect.

    Richard Griffiths


    Hi Rich,
    As an ex resident, to answer your Qs .

    1) The house is alright, rough around the edges but there’s a TV in front room lounge with dvds, boardgames etc.
    Pool table, darts board, tv in dining room.
    Bedrooms are compact but do the job.
    Garden is alright BBQ times are wicked fun. Should even find a footy for kick around and tennis rackets etc.

    2) no tv in bedrooms and for a reason too, as it’s classed as escapism much like our addiction, there won’t be much time for tv anyway unless it’s in the evening to watch a film.

    3) freezer space is tight but doable, most of us cooked fresh and froze only when needed. We get a space each in freezer, a separate cupboard and a space in fridge albeit tiny.
    Due to others piling in 2l bottles of drink in. Iirc only 1 fridge when I was there but a fridge in bedroom is provided for you.

    4) yes bring sport kit as gym and swimming allowed at local gyms. Then there’s Saturday activity which is usually some kind of sport involved.

    Just go into it with an open mind as to what to expect and that not to take it to heart too much of what others might say, act as everyone is experiencing tough tough times in life and that sometimes gets vented through misdirected channels.
    It certainly was an experience and one where I’d be better prepared for if I went back of course.

    It’s a challenge but your life is surely worth the effort and to educate yourself will only give you insight for the better to turn things around to start living the “real goodlife” .

    Hope this helps.


    Hi TRisT thanks alot for the detailed reply to ny questions it has been very helpfull. Im leaving for beckenham at 9am tomorrow and i will update you all once completed. Thanks once again .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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