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      Just when u think u can beat this thing it inevitably comes back and bites u in the ass, last year i joined this site and loved it and liked helping people and reading posts but then as time went by and my confidence soared about not gambling …..i got to the usual 6 month gambling free milestone and bang the small stakes start and thinking u can control it and its fun but lets not kid ourselves we know where this is leading…..well it did.   I am not saying i have started wasting thousands again like i did a few years back (15k) but its the trust breaking of my wife that i am ashamed of the most, i am such a liar and when my wife asks me if i am still ok not gambling i lie and say "yeah course i am", I only have an allowance of £150 a month to spend on myself so i am not talking about me losing loads of money but i know this can lead on to the extra 0’s if i dont get on this site again because yesterday for the first time in over a year i actually withdrew £30 from our joint account to waste gambling, she will ask me today why i took £30 when i already had my allowance.  As you can see from my title i am a manager of a betting shop, yes this probably doesnt help my urges but even if i was a cleaner in a shoe shop at the end of the day i am just a compulsive gambler so i dont think it matters to much where i work.  I see it everday people like myself coming into my shop and i wish i could just grab them and say " u can’t win mate" but i know i can’t, i know all the do’s and dont’s of how not to gamble ie the keeping cash to a minimum and not having a bank card but i always seem to fall back in after a while.
      So anyway folks i am back on and hopefully i can help u and u can help me cos i am getting to old for this gambling nonsense.
      Day 1 – I WILL NOT GAMBLE TODAY(my shift in bookies starts at 12 til 2130)
      Take care

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