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      Hi Everyone,
      I’m Morris and I’m a problem gambler. Everything started in January 2012. I just left my job at a call center and be full time in my sales job at an insurance company. I’m so focus at first with my sales job and learning how to be an effective salesperson. One day, my best friend and I tried playing “bingo” for fun. After that one time incident, I decided to go back and play again which resulted in me winning $100. Then, it became a norm for me to play in the afternoons until such time that I’m no longer setting up appointments to meet up potential clients and started using my savings and investments to play and play since after winning one time, everyday was a losing streak for me (on average I’m losing $100). This was a problem since I have a lot of free time and I don’t have fix income every month. Another motivation is for me to get a huge some of money so that I can get out and live on my own. I do have a complex situation back home where my aunties, uncles and cousins usually fight for so many things. It’s like a quagmire of family problems. Before my gambling problems, my auntie was also a problem gambler were she loss huge some of money, buried her in debt and sold a lot of the properties left to me by my mom (I’m orphan with no parents). Now almost 2 years has passed and I’m still struggling with this problem. I tried to stop on my own but the pressures back home like bills, money that I owed to them and also my responsibility to give something back because they help me only push me back to the same problem that I’m trying to avoid. It came to the point that I’m chasing my loses and use the money of my auntie that was sent by my other auntie in the U.S. to pay for her medicines for $2,000 in a single day (in a span of 12 hours). I also used my clients insurance money to chase these loses which further buried me into debt until such time that I was terminated because I’m not meeting my quota. I really needed some help and I just spent all of my salary just now to try my luck and recover all of my loses. moving on…

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