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      So if you have read my posts, you will know my fiancé was gambling on a site he had previously self excluded from 3 years ago for the maximum term due to his addiction.
      I know absolutely he did this requesting that he being ignored if he tried at any point to re activate his account, as I sat with him making note of who, what time and date of exclusion (the control freak in me was running riot)
      I have contacted this very well known book maker to tell them he used OLD log ins to gain entry asking how this happened.
      In reply I was told they were sorry for my inconvenience! If only it was that.
      I asked them again to explain.
      I was told they would need to speak to my fiancé via his account! (Are they mad?)
      I sat with him while he logged on and surprise! They have deactivated his account.
      After initially being told they could not speak to him as his email address was not the same as his registered one,he managed to convince them of his identity.( they didn’t care about it when he was spending £k’s?)
      He emailed them again and they acknowledged his exclusion and asked if he would like to reactivate!?!?!?
      In the mean time I receive another email telling me because of data protection they could no longer discuss events with myself.
      Living with a CG iam used it siding tactics and fob offs. So I have not been deterred.
      To some of you, this may seem like clutching at straws to regain the money. Not so. I know that’s gone, but what I do need to know is 1. How this happened 2. Can this happen again 3. Do they admit in part responsibility for enabling his addiction.
      I know ultimately, it was his actions that have caused the turmoil, but I still can’t shake the fact that the bookmaker didn’t care along as he was losing.
      Lost x

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