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    Guys I gambled two nights on when i was feeling low… I didnt think and logged into my william hill account… I put the bet on and later I realised i remember closing the account just in case of exactly what happened (gambling). I went through my emails and 3-4 years ago I asked for the acc to be closed forever… i had it closed before this but requested it to be opened and then the same day after losing I emailed stating for them to close it forever..
    Now I have emailed them explaining this and management is looking into it… do you think I have a case? When i spoke to them through the online chat the person got all the dates mixed up and didnt have a record of the last email when I asked for it to be closed forever she then panicked and said management needs to review my case… I have called my bank and they said that the money hasnt been claimed yet by william hill.
    Thanks guys

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