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      I want to know if there’s somehow a way to store a password somewhere and not be able to retrieve it unless x number of days later I decide. Could somebody help? Maybe it’s going to be mutual help donno.

      Thks for helping.

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      I’m not techy but why not ask someone else to set it and to not under any circumstances let you have it before a certain date?

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      When you have those passwords safe so you can’t access gambling/funds to gamble then what positive things are you planning on doing to address your addiction?

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      Why not ask someone else because I don’t want to bother others with my problem. it’s an adult attitude. The positive things is that I gamble as I decide to, and not in an excessive manner. Anyway please let someone answer my question!

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      If the answer could be found 95% of my addiction is solved! I know why but I won’t be explaining the details here.

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      Im assuming were talking about accessing on-line gambling accounts

      There isn’t a straight forward way of doing this…and if your CG then maybe its time just to block everything and work your recovery… but lets say your problematic and want to see if you can control your limits and times.

      2 ways I can think of. 1, Contact the operator and lower your limits, sure this still gives you access but when the limit is reached if you can walk away, if no financial, time or emotional issue arrive then it may be the solution… and if you find that actually you feel the need too increase the limits and chase maybe its time to reassess where you are along the recreational / problematic / compulsive route

      Option 2 would be to install GamBlock® Titanium

      GamBlock® Titanium entitles you to the highest level of customer service, includes all the features of GamBlock® Platinum and GamBlock® Gold as well as:
      the ability to block per User Account and/or User Account type.
      make exceptions for gambling industry staff.
      change the level of blocking while preventing all gambling.
      longer licence periods.
      GamBlock® Titanium was created at the request of customers who help gamblers and gamblers who share computers with non-gamblers. GamBlock ® Titanium was developed in consultation with Certified Problem Gambling Counselors and Microsoft Certified Professionals.

      Having this installed by someone else and having them control your passwords would be a simple one stop solution.

      $ 104.95 USD

      So much of what your looking for lies within if you are a compulsive gambler or recreational/problematic gambler… The fact you see that 95% of the addiction will be resolved this way makes me think that you haven’t grasped the addiction… is that because your not addicted or are you in denial as to where you are with your problem only you can answer that Kimura

      Maybe instead of looking at this issue talk a bit about your gambling, how its affecting you, family, time, finances,. work or education, social life etc

      Take Care


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