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    Hi I live in scoland atm and I got a system that I can bet a horse on my computer and lay it off on my bet fair exchange account! I do this early in the morning and usually make 20 to 50. I had 15k of saving but now only got 8k as I bet on horses to if I fancy them and bet a lot of odds on horse and been chasing a 1 k lost which turned into a 7k lost! So now I feel it’s not even worth making that 20 to 50 a day as i lost so much! I just want to chase back what I lost by betting big on favs. Any advice would be grateful!


    Hi Lowlife, I see that you are already geting replies in the My Journal Forum, well done on looking for help. This forum is here to try and arrange to talk to peole real time in the Open Groups.

    If you click on “Support Groups” above you will see the full schedule. Apart from the Open Groups all the other types of groups have a facilitator so you will always find someone to talk to there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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