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      A week, a lifetime
      Monday’s gambler runs to the cash machine
      Draws out his cash all crisp and clean
      (Checking behind him to ensure he’s unseen)
      Tuesday’s gambler has a bit of a memory loss
      Yesterday didn’t happen, for today he will be the boss
      He has a trick or two up his sleeve
      No need to grieve, he definitely won’t thieve.
      Wednesday’s gambler is on the up
      Phew, No need yet for the death cup
      Even Stevens is the name of the game
      To walk away now would be such a shame
      He’s definitely still in the frame.
      Thursday’s gambler is getting weary
      No longer is he so cheery
      Too many questions are being asked
      Go away and leave him alone this has to be masked
      Friday’s gambler feels so so sick in the head
      Starting to wish he was dead
      Saturdays Gambler prays for help
      All inside him is great big yelps
      Sunday’s gambler has a major discovery
      It’s called recovery.

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      Lovely poem, I like this a lot. Well done Liberty. Thank you.

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      just need to add
      Sunday’s discovery of recovery
      Can be the cycle
      The running title
      For this we are all entitled
      No need for weekly recitals
      Sunday, Monday any day,
      Gambling is our plight.
      Recovery is our right
      Every day in every way.
      Delay delay delay

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      Brilliant poem Lib.. I have been a gambler for every day if the week!

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