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    Cheltenham this week.
    Starting this thread to remind myself why I am here and why getting involved with the festival is not the place for a compulsive gambler to be.
    To kick it off….
    The first bet for a problem gambler is like the first drink for an alcoholic.
    The problem gambler that tries some small bet experiments normally returns eventually to the downward spiral of gambling.
    Just for today, I will not gamble.
    Just for this week, I will check myself into ‘online rehab’. Despite being 9 and a half months since my last bet of any type (it has been a difficult journey, particularly on the home/emotional front), the temptations will be running high this week as workplace chat turns to horses and who’s backing what in the big races of the week. Golfing buddies will be tailoring their week around the festival and spending the afternoons in the pub. It’s a great week and I will miss it, the banter and the craic, but this time round it’s about keeping the promises I made to myself and my family. A small price to pay. Gambling recovery on high alert and although I do not feel the temptation to gamble, I need to distract myself away from the world of horseracing this week.

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