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      Hello everyone,
      Being a Compusive Gambler, I know only too wel how difficult this time of year can be for thouse of us that are still gambling. This time of years brings the added pressures that christams and the new year does and only encourages you to gamble harder then ever in the hope of getting that big win to see you through christmas and the new year with plenty of cash. Sadly though, and it happened to me every year i was gambling, most of us end up losing as usual and finding the christmas period harder then usual.
      Anyway I have been reading loads of post recently and speeaking to many CG’s and hearing af all the destruction. I hear of new years resoolutions to be more positive or to not gamble etc……… How many times have we all made these resolutinos but not stuck to them? I have countless times!
      The point of this post if that however stuck we are, however bad our addiction is and out of control we are, we still have the ability to make choices. We cant necessarily chose not to gamble because being an addict we literally cant stop ourselves! But we do have the ability to choose to seek help or to choose to take action or preventative measures. We can choose to start recovery. We can choose to tell a friend or family member. We can make so many positive choices to help pourselves.
      Or we can choose to do nothing and continuee along our gambling path of destruction.
      I am not saying recovery is easy, it isnt. But it is a damn sight nicer and more enjoyable way to live your life then it is to continue gambling every penny.
      So to make things simple, for those that are still gamlbing and cant seem to escape it. You have 2 choices. Choose to do nothing or choose to seek help. If you ae on this site then you all have read posts and know what to do whether it is telling a friend, going to GA, handing over your money to friend/family/partner, get counselling, stop ignoring your debts etc….. Like i said there are so many positive choices you can make. There is no miracle cure. It has to come from you.
      2012 can be a better year for us all. I wish everyone a happy and health one and hope that we all make some positive choices and changes.
      Take care

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      make the right choice people

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      Everyone has to find their own path and what works best for them.  I cut up my debit card, made sure I had no pin numbers for credit cards, self excluded from check writing privileges and made sure I didn’t have access to cash.  I could always get around any road block if I wanted to but it at least made things harder for when I didn’t have the strength to make the choice.  Being ‘in action’ takes any choice away.  That’s why it’s important to have road blocks so you get the space since your last bet so you can make choices.  My path has been a long crooked one but, for once, I am finally on the right one.  I hope you find your path too.

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      I agree its all about choices.
      I want to make healthy choices- good choices. Choices that are about being responsible and doing the right thing for a change. I want to choose not to avoid my debts anymore- i want to pay them and stop ignoring and pretending they dont exist. I want to make better choices. I dont want to choose to gamble- even if i was to win i feel that its not worth the dissapointment i would feel in myself or from my family and friends.

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