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    I met a “special” friend today
    A person I hold dear.
    I had to look a second time
    As reluctantly, he drew near
    He wore his heart upon his face
    His lips were pursed and thin
    Obviously, annoyed with me
    No smile or charming grin.
    We sat and ate and chatted
    And immediately, I knew
    He didn’t want to be there
    (I am quick to take the cue!)
    Disinterest and detachment
    Stood between us as we spoke
    The rapport and wit and banter
    Were missing, and the jokes
    That in the past would raise a smile
    Fell flat, or made him glare
    And he chatted on his cell phone
    As if I wasn’t there!
    Each time I started speaking,
    Before he knew what I would say
    He interrupted the conversation
    His disinterest to display!

    In a mix of rage and sadness
    I cut the meeting short
    I’d had enough of disrespect, enough of being hurt.
    As we parted from each other
    We exchanged some token gift
    And a final hug which told me
    Of our “friendship’s” final rift.
    My thoughts switched fast to gambling
    As I drove the journey home
    It was tempting to transfer my hurt
    To an empty “comfort zone”.
    I reflected on ” illusions”
    And ’twas easy to compare
    These both come at a higher price
    Than I intend to share!
    So here’s to “Risky Business”,
    Christmas Meetings with sick men.
    I’d prefer to have my “bubble burst”
    Than sell my soul again!



    Incredible poem Vera!!
    The friend beside you daily has never burst your bubble .
    Life may stretch it, the winds may make it quiver, and sometime the bubble may need a puff of air , but it’s never been burst!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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