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      At the close of last night’s F&F group, four of us held hands in cyber space, in three different countries and we said the Serenity Prayer together.   We have done it before and it is very comforting and moving.  
      It is my intention to do this more often but perhaps only in the Tuesday group for now.   Anybody wishing to join us but cannot make the group can know therefore that at 21.55 hours UK time, if they say the Serentity Prayer they will be joining with others – hold our hands in cyber space and know you are not alone.
      United we give each other Strength, united we give each other Serenity and united we give each other Wisdom.   I know I always benefit from all those who join me.
      I found logging on to my first group very intimidating but if you are worried it is worth having a go. You will be welcome and you can speak in safety with no pressure or judgement.

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