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    There’s a Community Chat Group opening in a few minutes if anybody cares to join me … my husband may be there too … could be interesting…


    I am so sorry I missed this



    Sorry we got cut off Adele, we were just getting going. Hope to see you later.


    I think this was a good idea, unfortunately the site went down about 8 minutes in. Maybe the goblins did it!

    Velvet, maybe you can hop on next time?

    Tara, sorry we didn’t get to visit much… next time ok?

    Charles, FYI (for you and GT), it seemed like the site just froze. I couldn’t type in the box, couldn’t get out of the session or go back to the forums. I closed the window completely, then couldn’t get back in to the site – browser said “Page Cannot Be Displayed”. I was in the forums on my iPad at the same time, and it was fozen too. Also, I couldn’t get in to the site for a number of hours the night before – 8/30 from about 8pm CST on I think. (In case this can help in determining what happened.)



    Hi Adele

    I hope you try again, whilst were still working on last nights issues and I’m afraid I haven’t a conclusive answer, we have a large team looking into this that will get the issue rectified.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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