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      after a very long time I have been left no choice other than to come clean about my gambling I have a problem and am working at fixing this problem starting with joining this site, also self excluded from all the online bookmakers I used to use, followed tipsters I followed on Twitter
      on reading through the compulsive gambler 10 questions my answers would be mostly yes
      although I kind of already knew the problem had grown out of control
      I have also handed control of my finances to somebody I love and trust, my girlfriend, I feel I can do it with her support and end this destructive habit that will cost me everything if I don’t.
      I aim to get to a physical meeting on Monday not too far from me if I get to that day bet free it will be day 5 “fingers crossed” let’s deal with day 2 first
      Trust a hard thing to build, too easy to destroy

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