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      I am a compulsive gambler.  Why has this been so hard for me to accept?  Is it because I feel like a loser every time I go to a casino or is it because of the lie I have lived about my problem. 
      On the outside I live the perfect life.  I have a wonderful career, a loving husband of many years, and a great family life.  But, on the dark side I think about gambling all the time.  It consumes a major amount of my time and money, but most important it leaves me feeling like a loser.  Any free time I have I am trying to get to a casino and when I get there I think of nothing but gambling for hours on end with no concern for anyone else but my habit.
      So here I am…Day 1 hoping beyond hope that today will be the first day of my new life.

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      Hi Jackie, I also spent too much time planning, scheming and gambling and then too much energy making up excuses, ***** about where I’ve been and trying to make up the money.  Nobody at work knew (or knows now) how addicted I was and how I spent my weekends and wasted my money.  To them I’m a whole different person.  Gambling can get a hold of any of us.  I saw where a Mayor in California, who was also a widow of a very wealthy man, and she embezzled from one of her husbands charities.  Millions of dollars still wasn’t enough.  There is no satisfaction with most addictions so we always need more. 
      It’s tough to break away from gambling but I found the best thing is to set up barriers so you can’t get to money even if you wanted to gamble.  I tore up my debit card, stopped casino check cashing and made sure I didn’t have access to cash.  There’s been ***** when I’ve gambled but the blocks prevent big losses and that’s been my saving grace.
      I stopped in just to say hi and welcome you to the forum.  You’ll be getting some information from one of the GA ********** that will be helpful.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you’re really ready to stop gambling.  There might be some trial and errors along the way but never give up reading posting and working towards a gamble free life.  It will come.  Sherry

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