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      Dear community,
      I was here awhile ago, a few years probably, and I forget the handle I used. wasn’t that active of a user. Needless to say I’ve been lost to my slots addiction for the last couple of years, thinking I could control it, thinking I could "keep" my "winnings". Saturday, I lost every cent, and decided once again to try to take recovery seriously.
      I just banned myself for life from all state gambling facilities. There are ones in neighboring states, but I’ll have to exclude from those as they appear as temptations. WHich I estimate to be within a week to two weeks…that’s my pattern. Gamble, freakout, ignore the problem and recover slightly financially, only to return as though it never happened a week or two later.
      I’m a 29 year old female, have been having problems with slots for close to five years now. I’ve probably lost between $150K and 200K.
      I hope to god I can make this work this time, and reclaim my life before I lose another huge block of time to the trance.
      THanks for reading, and I look forward to learning from all of you.

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