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      Hi,well im sitting here wondering where to next.No money,no food,no petrol,nearly no LIFE.I have been battling this demon for 30 years.By the end of the day this computer will be sitting in storage at cash converters,again,along with all my other measly possessions.This life turned out like nothing i had planned.Ive destroyed myself and continue to do so.Long life low self esteem and depression have not helped.I always believe that things will improve and they do temporarily,then everything goes back to normal.BAD..I have a beautiful boy and i cry every time i think of him and what i cant give him.Why that doesnt stop me from self destruction kills me.I see him every 2nd wkend and can never give him much and that just makes me angry and depressed.Yes im alone because thats what happens when your a gambler.All my relationships have ended because of this demon.Anyway i hope i can find some way to turn my life around,and i know it can only come from within,and that my friends is the hard part….. — 6/18/2011 3:29:36 AM: post edited by steve137.

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