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    My son has relapsed again, he has the strategies to deal with his issues after attending the GM centre. It is now becoming apparent that he is facing real difficulties using the strategies. I’m not sure he is actually dealing with the main issues.
    His most recent relapse has resulted in him not communicating. This is always on his terms, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a relationship with him in this state. This is hard as he lives with us and impacts on the atmosphere of our home. I accept he is old enough to deal with his issues he is able to manipulate me to be open to helping him out with some costs.
    I am aware of the need for him to deal with his issues and respond cognitively to change his behaviour.
    I’m really struggling with the relationship.



    Hello Bono1

    Thanks for starting a thread in the Gambling Therapy friends and family forum. This forum will provide you with warmth and understanding from your peers.

    Feel free to use the friends and family group, you’ll find the times for these if you click on the “Group times” box on our Home page. Now that you have introduced yourself you’ll find that many of the people you meet here have already read your initial introduction and they’ll welcome you in like an old friend 🙂

    If you’re the friend or family member of someone who is either in, or has been through, the GMA residential programme please take extra care to make sure that nothing you say in groups, or on our forums, inadvertently identifies that person. Even if your loved one isn’t connected with GMA, please don’t identify them either directly or indirectly just in case they decide to use the site themselves.

    You’ll find a lot of advice on this site, some of which you’ll follow, some you won’t…but that’s ok because only you fully understand your
    situation and what’s best for you and the people you love. So, take the support you need and leave the advice you don’t because it all comes from a caring, nurturing place 🙂

    We look forward to hearing all about you!

    Take care

    The Gambling Therapy Team

    PS: Let me just remind you to take a look at our

    privacy policy and terms and conditions so you know how it all works!


    Hi Bono
    I can’t write much tonight but I will get a post out to you tomorrow afternoon before the evening F&F group.
    Is he still in contact with Gordon House? Does he use the resident’s group?
    What is the main issue that you think he isn’t dealing with?
    It would be good if you could come into the F&F group between 20.-00 – 21.00 hours UK time where we could communicate in real time. Nothing said in the group appears on the forum which means we can be completely open.


    Hi Bono
    I am sorry, I am out of time.
    I hope we will ‘meet’ shortly in the group but if not I hope you will post again soon.

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